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"The best thing about being a writer is watching your characters come alive in the words you set down...I find myself listening to what the characters say and think. It is a wonderful, magical experience."

-Kip Cassino


He studied art in Munich, assembled nuclear weapons in South Korea,

fought in the Vietnam War, and then accurately forecasted the future

of several industries. These aren't the experiences of one of Kip Cassino's 

characters - they're his.

Best new thriller novel Kip Cassino
Thriller action murder novel Kip Cassino
Buddies Kip Cassino

That's them,...

...walking down a long, empty road in Arizona or Colorado, Texas or New Mexico: Pauley and the Captain.


They're two war-damaged, life-saddened buddies looking for nothing more than a cool place to rest and earn a few bucks. They only move on when a murder occurs. One of them is a vicious, knife-wielding serial killer, who's ended eight lives in the last ten years.

Now, the F.B.I. has connected the dots between the killings. A task force is hunting Pauley and the Captain, forcing them out of the west on a desperate run to the east coast to hide themselves in a new part of the nation. Will they be able to escape those hunting them, or will one of them need to murder again? Which one of the buddies is the killer?

Narrow Man

It’s 1986, a decade after the anguish of Vietnam.


Karl Thibault is a war hero. He’s also a psychopath, sealed in an asylum for the brutal murder of his wife’s lover, crazed by the dreams that torment him. Karl escapes. He’s driven by two mad compulsions. First, he must punish any man who’s touched Marianne, his wife. After that, he must escape to South America with his son, David. A smart young cop and a dedicated F.B.I. agent work to end Karl’s murderous quest. Their hunt stretches from the glitter of Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe to cities around the nation.


The twists and turns of Karl’s homicidal run are only matched by the depths of his insanity. 

The Narrow Man Kip Cassino

He must be stopped. But how?


To the reader of this letter:

I write to volunteer for any assignment your organization needs done.


These words begin one man’s effort to stop a catastrophe planned to kill thousands. A horrifying plot begins in central Asia, moves quickly to Cyprus, then on to Colombia. Finally, the beaches of Cancun and Miami fall under its terrible shadow.


In the meantime, budget cuts and burgeoning world hot spots force the CIA to make an unprecedented decision: requests from older volunteers will be accepted to help fill gaps in the agency’s world coverage.


Who are these volunteers? How and where can they be used by the CIA? Can they stop a conspiracy cleverly designed to murder cities? 

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Old Dog

It’s November 1965.


A young pilot has foolishly done what he was warned not to do, and activated the nuclear weapon hanging below his alert jet. His plane sits just off the tarmac on the Aviano Air Base, Italy flight line. The next 24 hours pit Lieutenant Colonel Dan Cassino and his team of specialists against a powerful, implacable adversary: a bomb that can kill and injure thousands, devastate the northern Italian countryside around them, and possibly destroy the NATO alliance.

Based on true events.

Incident at Aviano Kip Cassino best thriller author
Incident at Aviano
Gleaners Kip Cassino

NOW AVAILABLE New Sci-Fi Thriller!

Psychiatrist Elizabeth Wyler is called to the bedside of a badly injured Los Angeles Police officer, Leo Moore. His superiors want information about how Moore was hurt, and what happened to his missing partner. As she listens, Beth is drawn into the edges of a shadowy conspiracy. Homeless men she's trying to help lead Beth and Moore to an enormous, anonymous warehouse where she discovers an injured man. Oliver Raine, it emerges, has knowledge of what happened to Moore and his partner. He agrees to meet them in a bar near the hospital.Raine explains that ten years ago he was an army captain in Iraq, in command of a force escorting civilian technicians. Their mission was to stifle a field of burning oil rigs south of Kirkuk. 

He is the only survivor...

Coming Soon

Nukes were never used in Vietnam, but plans were made to employ them. What if these plans had become reality? What if nuclear artillery had targeted the Ho Chi Minh trail?

Kip Cassino Psycho-Thriller Novel

Due for Publication Later This Year!




The Narrow Edge Sequel to The Narrow Man

Sequel to

The Narrow Man





Beginning where The Narrow Man ended, follow Karl from his terrible fall in an Arizona canyon, through his resurrection as a Mexican Cartel assassin, to his confrontation with what he has become. Watch the world through his distorted, narrowed mind as he strives to carve peace from his ultra-violent world.


Can he finally hide from those who stalk him?  Will he ever escape the awful dreams that haunt and madden him? Can he reunite with his son, David?  

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