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Psychiatrist Elizabeth Wyler is called to the bedside of a badly injured Los Angeles Police officer, Leo Moore. His superiors want information about how Moore was hurt, and what happened to his missing partner. As she listens, Beth is drawn into the edges of a shadowy conspiracy.

Homeless men she's trying to help lead Beth and Moore to an enormous, anonymous warehouse where she discovers an injured man. Oliver Raine, it emerges, has knowledge of what happened to Moore and his partner. He agrees to meet them in a bar near the hospital. Raine explains that ten years ago he was an army captain in Iraq, in command of a force escorting civilian technicians. Their mission was to stifle a field of burning oil rigs south of Kirkuk.


He is the only survivor of that mission.

Gleaners Kip Cassino
Gleaners Kip Cassino


Kip Cassino whisked me away from reality and hurled me into a world of endless imagination

Nothing could have prepared Elizabeth Wyler, a psychiatrist in Los Angeles, for the steep turn her life was about to take. It had all started with a story she got from one of her patients, Sergeant Leo Moore of the LAPD, which led her to meet Oliver Raine, an ex-war veteran. Both men had seen and experienced very strange phenomena associated with ancient alien creatures, which Raine was currently studying. Elizabeth is abducted with a large group of homeless people below the San Gabriel mountains. Luckily for her, Raine comes to her rescue. However, she barely makes it out alive. The perpetrators are servants of ancient dragon-like creatures that came into the world millions of years ago. These creatures have existed this long by gleaning life from human beings, all with the help of their cannibal race of servants. Determined to avenge her ordeal, Elizabeth joins Raine at OPIN, an organization dedicated to fighting the creatures threatening human life on Earth, but these are powerful and very resourceful creatures. Find out more in Kip Cassino’s Gleaners.

Kip Cassino whisked me away from reality and hurled me into a world of endless imagination. The vivid depictions had me feeling like I was right in the middle of all the action in Los Angeles. One moment I was watching Raine fight his way out of his cell block, reclaiming his freedom and power. The next thing I was staring in horror as Raine helplessly watched innocent people suffer at the hands of his evil captors, reminding him of just how powerless he was. The suspense and plot twists had me eager for more as I turned the pages. I never knew where the story was headed. There are thrills, horror, action, adventure, mystery, and so much more. Cassino brings out the cast’s traits and emotions wonderfully, allowing me to connect and empathize with them. Fans of science fiction novels with a touch of fantasy will find Kip Cassino’s Gleaners an interesting read.

-Reviewed by Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite

If you are a fan of close-quarters combat and high-octane action then you will not be disappointed with 'Gleaners'

Elizabeth Wyler is called into a hospital room to coax the sole survivor of a mysterious fire into giving her details of the accident. She refuses to believe the unusual story he tells about moving fires and singing people but when she meets Oliver Raine and hears his equally outlandish tale she begins to suspect there may be more to it than meets the eye. She is completely unprepared for what her findings reveal as she is thrown into the middle of an extinction-level battle for survival where the odds are stacked firmly against the human race. Will she join the team fighting to save the planet or is it already too late? Only time will tell in Kip Cassino's Gleaners.

A covert agency fights a race of ancient aliens who feed on the unsuspecting human population in Kip Cassino's science fiction offering, Gleaners. As much as Cassino's storyline feels like something that is on the fringe of credibility he does an excellent job of crafting an origin story for his otherworldly antagonists that conveniently fits into the notion of evolution. His lead characters are quite the pair with Elizabeth and Oliver creating a chemistry that simmers throughout the novel and gives it the unpredictability that action junkies feed on. The conversations between the characters are extremely detailed for a story where whizzing bullets and broken skulls are more of a certainty than a highly intelligent debate. The true testament to Cassino's uncanny storytelling ability is the way he sets about Elizabeth's evolution as the tale unfolds. If you are a fan of close-quarters combat and high-octane action then you will not be disappointed with Gleaners.

-Reviewed by Essien Asian for Readers’ Favorite

A gripping mystery novel that takes readers on a journey beyond the confines of a typical detective story

“Gleaners" by Kip Cassino is a gripping mystery novel that takes readers on a journey beyond the confines of a typical detective story. Centered around young psychologist Elizabeth Wyler and police officer Leo Moore, the narrative unfolds with a gradual intensity that keeps readers hooked until the final page.

What initially appears to be a standard detective mystery soon reveals itself to be something far more intricate and compelling. Cassino skillfully weaves together a narrative filled with unexpected twists and turns, leading readers down a labyrinthine path of secrets and revelations.

One of the standout aspects of "Gleaners" is the gradual evolution of the plot. Rather than rushing headlong into action, Cassino takes the time to develop the story, allowing the mystery to unfold organically. This approach not only adds depth to the narrative but also keeps readers guessing as they try to piece together the clues alongside the protagonists. Truly an amazing read!!!

Amazon Reader Review


-Amazon Reader Review

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