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Bitterroot Tears

The Weepers descended on our unsuspecting world, quickly sending death south from their golden towers in Alberta. After days of fighting in northern Idaho, Ethan Mallory shepherds the remains of his unit through the killing zone.

Can Crusher

In the near future, President Raymond Jarvis struggles to save the U.S. from certain economic collapse. A brilliant answer, called Hiatus, can accomplish all he needs—but at a terrible price.

Dealer's Rules

Something’s alive within the internet. It plays solitaire when it’s bored, and hates to see other players make stupid decisions. As it grows, it becomes much smarter, and far more aggressive. David Moran scoffs at it at first. Too late, he learns to fear and fight it.

Kip's Micro Fiction

Two very short stories, from a contest where no entry could exceed four hundred words. 


Can an ugly, lovelorn genius turn world diplomacy on its ear? All Arnie Lustiger wanted was a little affection. Vivian Luck showed him his invention had far more potential. 

Survival Trait

All Adlai Copley wanted to do was study obesity in the rats he’d had shipped to his lab. He didn’t realize the little animals could bend time—or that their actions could cast a shadow on mankind’s future.

Tasker's Grass

This short story is a finalist in the Florida Writer’s Association 2021 Literary Palm Award Competition.

All Eben Tasker wanted was silence. This was the key, he believed, to a wonderful retirement. He thought grass he stole from his employer would give him what he wished for. The grass did, but at a terrible price.

Royal Palm Literary Aware Competition from Florida Writers Associaton Kip Cassino
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